Collection: Budgies

Budgerigars mean a great deal to Alison, and she has constantly owned and bred budgies for more than 40 years.

Alison was gifted her first budgie at age 7, and started breeding & showing them from age 12.

This is where the addiction started.

For most of that time Artist Alison Archbold, has been specializing in Golden face violet and blue varieties. Though she chose to stop showing them many years ago, these days she just enjoys watching their cheeky playfulness and funny antics. Alison uses her own birds as models for all her artworks. The hardest part is choosing who to paint from the 100 plus birds.

Other great highlights of her budgies have been that a couple of years ago, world renowned bird photographer Leila Jeffreys came to stay at the farm for a few days whilst she photographed some of Alison's budgies to be included in a worldwide exhibition called "High Society". The exhibition is still currently travelling around the world and features several of Alison's birds. An incredible exhibition, & credit to Leila's superb photography.

Another Budgie highlight was when Leila phoned Alison to let her know that 3 of the pictures she had taken of the birds were going to be released as Australian postage stamps. These stamps came out in July 2022.

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